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Top rated action java games for nokia, sony ericsson, iphone, samsung, motorola, lg, blackberry and for all other mobiles.

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The legend of g sword

Become a real ninja show your fighting skills and destroy your enemy. there are many combos in the game, you are not at the ring.

March of heroes

Take part in the most furious conflicts of the cold war in this thrilling shooter. enjoy a swift adrenaline action and stunning graphics during 9 chapters.

Zombie infection 2

Use stealth and cunning or use the new weapons, including a grenade launcher, grenades or knives to face the zombie.

Generator rex

Rex will try to stop the evil in the face of van kleiss again, and do not let him first take the city and then the whole world.

Earthworm jim

At that time this game was one of the most talked about and that is because it had beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay, and then brought fresh ideas.

Tron legacy

The original game had all the stuff a young geek needed to get hooked with video games and what were for the time some really cool effects.

Assassins creed revelatio

This is another continuation part of the hired killer adventures on the sacred land he appeared in constantinople where he will fight against endless hordes of

Assassins creed iii

After many years of endless quarrels and conflicts, the 13 american colonies finally joined to get the independence. this epoch has its own hero.

Ninja strike dragon warri

Challenge a dangerous deadly dragon warrior a real ninja remains unnoticed, he is silent as a ghost, he attacks inevitably as revenge. give way to the energy o

Terminator salvation

The year of redemption 2018. john connor is a man whose destiny is to lead the resistance to an electronic brain skynet and terminator army. but into.


Transformers dark of the moon the game takes place not only on the earth, but on the moon, a dark side of which keeps no less dark secrets.

Near orbit vanguard allia

The most impressive and the most fascinating shooter from the first person for your phone it is one of the most beautiful series, and continuation got.

Zombie chase

Choose the weapons and go to kill all the zombies which try to invade your careful, rifle and gun supplies are not very big, to complete all 32 levels.

a good day to die hard

Story and dialogues correspond to the ones from the film: humor, intrigues and intense are going to experience the most interesting action moments.


This game was made after film. take vengeance for your father. the game has 4 captivating levels and many difficulties on your uneasy way.

Wolverine mutant armagedd

A famous super hero is back in a new mobile action you play as the wolverine and you will need to get into enemy headquarters and destroy everybody.

Johnny bravos big babe ad

Go along with johnny bravo through a lot of traveling. help to interfere with a secret villain, who wants to get world domination. for the salvation of the wor

Gangstar rio city of sain

For the first time ever in a sandbox game, you can explore the fascinating and dangerous city of rio de janeiro.

rowdy rathore

This is a funny action game in which you play as inimitable hero rathore rowdy and you must fight against the army of bad guys on several levels.


You need to climb up the rocks behind the ancient walls of the temple. there you will experience new adventures. but to get to the temple you need.

the dark knight rises

After death of district attorney harvey dent, batman takes the responsibility for the crimes committed by him to clear his reputation in the eyes of public.


New soldiers generation appeared in the nearest future in connection with changed political situation. they are trained to be the best from the best.

Ghost recon future soldier

Zombies have captured hollywood but despite this a young inexperienced college student has survived.


68 missions and a fun super intuitive gameplay zombiewood is probably one of the most exciting mobile games of its style

John carter

John is a hero and a veteran of the civil war in the usa, he appears on the barsoom planet (which corresponds to the planet mars) against his will.

Ghost recon future soldie

New soldiers generation appeared in the nearest future in connection with changed political situation. they are trained to be the best from the best.

Generator rex

Rex will try to stop the evil in the face of van kleiss again, and do not let him first take the city and then the whole world.but first rex is to defeat all.

the amazing spider man

Amazing spider man to free the streets of new york, fighting and weaving your way through 10 huge levels including central park, the port district.

Jackie chan genuine

The game is made basing on jackie chan film shaolin temple

Metal gear classic

A special detective of fox hound unit named solid snake penetrates into a top secret base of outer heaven to destroy the nuclear weapons of the new generation.

Dragon hunter

Enter a fantasy world and master your sword and magic to defeat the dragon king of devildom.


The main character of the game is a former superhero named rorschach, who tries to investigate the murder of his former comrade.


Challenge the gods in official game from gameloft immortals you play for theseus and will punish those, who sow darkness and evil.

Devil hunter x

Devil hunter x has combined a lot of interesting elements: the stealth killing, excellent combat system, character of the improvement of the system of the hero.

Kill or be killed

It s a bloodbath in your mobile phone. when the hordes of bloodthirsty soldiers want to destroy you, only one thing is left to kill or die.

Agent vinod

Play as the superspy vinod, fulfill a chain of difficult missions and operations to reveal the insidious terroristic conspiracy having the aim to make

Modern combat 4 zero hour

Usa survived after nuclear attack which undermined stability of the whole free world. international security summit started in hawaii, is wrecked as the terrori

Wrath of the titans

You play as a fearless perseus which set out to find his father allmighty zeus. he was betrayed and taken by his brothers and was put into dungeon.

n.o.v.a 3

The most fascinating and the most impressive first person shooter for mobiles you will have a battle in the name of saving all the mankind.

Agent smith world assault

In this game you are going to play as agent smith. he is a real professional in his occupation. you will complete different missions with the help of your.

Iron man 3

Play as the main character of iron man 3 in this mobile game when starks world is collapsed in front of his eyes because of his opponents, tony craves for fin

splinter cell: convictio

After the events that took place in splinter cell double agent, sam fisher is left to himself. those,for whom, he had worked, declared our hero outside.

March of heroes

Play for two commandos and deal shortly with your enemies with the help of a large arsenal of spectacular weapons, such as a grenade launcher or a flamethrower.

Pirates of the caribbean

In the new story about the search for truth betrayal eternal youth and mortal danger captain jack sparrow will have to meet has to face with a woman.


(nokia) x2, x5, c5, 6788, 3208c,(sonyericsson) w995, elm, c905, hazel, c510, w705, w595,other mobile

The avengers

Loki is trying to conquer the earth with the help of alien aggressors. who can stop him? avengers of course play for such heroes as hulk, captain america etc.

Men in black 3

The game is based on the events of one of the most expected films of the year men in black as agent j and take part in the battle against alien beasts

Mafia wars new york

Go undercover to infiltrate the spinelli crime family for the fbi in up to 30 levels of intense mob action in mafia wars new york.

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