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Top rated arcade java games for nokia, sony ericsson, iphone, samsung, motorola, lg, blackberry and for all other mobiles.

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Bloxx 365 3 in 1

This puzzle is an excellent combination of reaction and logic and it challenges all tetris players. in this game you will observe lines made of different colore

Paper airplane

You will operate a plane in this game. you have the following task cover the maximum distance flying in the plane. you will meet different obstacles.

Bird hunter pro

Robs farm is under the attack of angry birds. help rob to reflect the attack of birds with the help of his javelin gun. the game offers 50 fascinating levels.

Pimp empire 2

The second part of the game of pimp empire is a continuation of pimping simulator. you own a model and you should build an empire of sex and play a mini game.

Diner dash 3 deluxe editi

This game is waiting for you. as in the previous parts of the game you are to act as an agile waitress flo who tries to serve as possible.

Dream coaster

In the gamedream coaster your aim is to pass the track driving a dream in the literal sense of the word you won t have the heart to call the rainbow.


Everybody knows the heroic deeds of hercules, the son of zeus this time disney calls you to join the strongman and experience the most interesting adventures.

Hungry shark

The shark has less and less health, she needs to eat to survive. she needs to eat everything: small fish, deep ocean inhabitants, divers and those who came.

Insult master

Candy bar is the bar which offers the best entertainments in the city. it is always full of people which is very good for buisenessu, but it is difficult.


Zuminja is very similar to a famous zuma. your task is to shoot ninja with the help of cannon.antiheroes can be of three colors, after you put three ninja.

Soccer run 2015

Enjoy the soccer game run as your character as far as you can. collect different bonuses on your way which you can exchange for money at the end of the running

tower bloxx revolution

Build the highest tower in your future. we are in 2699, in sky city, the capital. you have to erect the tower faster than others to become the richest architect

Zumax mania

Zumax mania is a bright and extremely captivating arcade, one of the zuma s clones. you are going to destroy moving line of balls before they will fill.

Icy tower jump

The old hit is now in new cover, with improver graphics and lots of bonuses jump as high as possible and beat all the records new towers, new platforms and n

Puzzle 2

A funny and interactive game that will train your mind, logic and strategy skills each level becomes more difficult. you can also test your skills by choosing.

Diwali dhoom

The earth is attacked by ufo again. you need to destroy the ufo with the help of fireworks. this is a breathtaking arcade made in best traditions of indian game

Ice age 4 continental dr

Acorn hunting and struggle for surviving, feeling of loneliness and feeling of happiness when you meet old friends, ice, oceans and continents. everything.

Mood moderator

Game mood moderator this is a game, which you can run, if you have no mood or you sad, tedious and boring.

santa dash 2

Help santa deliver all the gifts as fast as possible. make a crazy speed of fairy tail old man and be quick to jump.

Twilight breaking dawn

Clean up the field of blocks and look at exclusive photos from popular saga "twilight breaking dawn ".

mowgli inthe jungle book

Together with mowgli you will make a virtual trip through the jungle to the village with people. beware of dangerous enemies.

Brick breaker revolution

A revolutionary arkanoid with 3d graphics and lots of crazy bonuses, including jump, guns, laser, change of survey, as well as nuclear explosion.

Skydiving challenge

You are an extreme skydiver. travel all over the world and challenge your rivals. jump from a breathtaking height, evading different ruses, tricks and obstacles

Ultimate brick breaker 2

Meet new game from ultimate brick breaker series with an ageless classic, high speed and exciting gameplay gain as many points as you can, using various bonuse


The game is based on super blockbuster jaws. the game will enthrall you during 15 levels, because you are to beat off continued attacks from all directions to r

volleyball (beat pincers

If you don t have possibility to play a real volleyball game then you can play a virtual volleyball.

Crash test dummies 2

To download crash test dummies 2 for free, we recommend you to select your phone model, and then our system will choose the most suitable crash test dummies 2.

Pocket god

You are an almighty god who rules primitive people of the deserted can give them a life, or to take it back in no time teach little people.

Ambulance express

Get in the car to save the patient s life.moving though the obstacles will help you to reach the hospital and to save the patient in the ambulance car. you need

Dont fall off

Hamster rolly started his world tour in the boat, but it is not going to be an easy way. help rolly to avoid raindrops, boat slope and collect bonuses.


Galazer is a battle game which will not leave you time to have a rest. you will need high speed and good reaction to complete all the levels. feel the power.

Hertz smasher

The game has already become a hit on the pc and the iphone now you can help the unfortunate people of atlantis and become a hero.

Crazy charly

In the game you make your way through a sound of bombs across the sea of adventures.

Snail savio

Angerous adventures of a snail, that lost the shell and wants to return it.set of levels, including bonus.collect slugs and buy lives

Bubble birds 2

Bubble bird is an incredibly addictive game for java devices. it would seem that you can not expect something interesting from a game in bubble shooter.

Pizza ninja

Its not so easy to cook a good pizza, taking into consideration that the orders come every minute. we ll have to work well with a knife. you will need manual.

Doodle jump deluxe

Hop, hop, hop, jump as high as possible in your mobile this is a new doodle jump version, which has lots of new elements such as monsters, platforms.

Shark attack

Examination of great barrier reef in australia is the chance which you get only once in your lifetime.but this can also be the end of your life if you become

Bubble island

This is a bright snake game from butterfly effected. in this variant of the famous game the snake doesnt only eat the bubbles but returns the fire to different

Two abduction

The cow is back jump your way to the top in this demo featuring the quick game, kids mode, and a sampler of the adventure mode.

Sexy tower quest

Free download arcade game sexy tower quest for java system mobile amazing and beautiful available in all size

crazy penguin freezeway

Help little penguin to cross the river. you are to cross the river where various objects, such as barrels, blocks of ice and various animals are floating.

ghostbusters ghost trap

The most well known ghostbusters come back head a team of ghostbusters and catch hordes of supernatural creations by means of the most unimaginable technical.

Xmas drop

Choose one of five christmas symbols to take part in this game. catch a good moment to slow down and to land successfully.

Doodle escape

Simple and dynamic graphics, a man continuously running on the lines drawn in notebook. the entire game is made in sketcher style.

Luxor quest

30 levels the beautiful game awaits you. your goal is to collect money and build a pyramid.

Alien invasion

You will need to fly over the planet and destroy the aliens.this is a wonderful 3d simulator of the enemy fighter aircraft.

Ninja strike

You are a awesome ninja you challenge gravitation and jump from one wall to another eliminate your enemies and evade obstacles in these crazy races.

Popping mania

Lets shot the flying balls with the catapult,lets shot the flying balls with the catapult,various bonuses will make the game much more interesting.

Hand of god

Hand of god is an excellent game which makes nice impression. the game objective is to save people jumping from the skyscrapers windows. of course.

Crazy penguin assault

Play through more than 50 levels in campaign mode and 20 explosive levels in frenzy mode earn all the achievements and unblock secret penguins of the brotherho

Kung fu panda 2

This is kung fu panda adventures from the chinese java games developersthe adventures of the fat karate guy are made as a bright action having interesting story

Cannon rats

There is no smell of birds here, but of the rats 100%. it should be quite funny and entertaining. the only action puzzle game of its kind for mobile phones.


At first most of the win was locked(gray color), when you use the availble wine to achive a high point, some of the wine will be unlocked.

Turtle dash

Take part in a dangerous and heroic race together with a brave turtle. avoid insidious traps installed by mean pigs and robots.


This is a unique platform arcade in which you operate three main characters. each character has weak and strong sides, and they can go through 24 different.

Captain comet

Millions of robots rebelled and decided to create their own matrix with blackjack and robo girls. it is clear that people are not welcomed in this system.

Bubble boom challenge 2

Another task of destroying colourful balls. the fourth part of bubble boom arcade has already become the favourite game of millions. pop balloons of the same.

Freddy bricks

Try to get out from the nightmare with freddy kruger in it break all the bricks, collect bonuses, avoid traps and use your special skills to win.

Warships sea on fire

Warships a remarkable sea battle for android. in the game there is a career ladder reach to the admiral of the fleet. a lot of styles are available

Paris nights

Welcome to paris, mon ami everybody dreams to get to this city, as the dreams come true here experience the life of the city of the lights the way that nobody

Lion king

Set out for the fascinating adventure together with little lion simba and open the surrounding world for yourself. in a while simba will turn into a strong.

Finger bowling 2

Nd again the earth is endangered to be captured by the alien aggressors which have a devilish plan to destroy the seven wonders of the world and only one human

Aqua blast

A richly animated matching game set in the water worldnokia 5800 xpressmusic, 5800 navigation edition.

Fruit mania

Picturesque arcade, ported from iphone is now for those who possesses ordinary phones you are a tough ninja who can cut any amount of fruit in the air just wit

Smart ball

An amazing world with funny balls is waitting for you to explore. try to overcome those ostacles and find the way throught arranging objects in the screen to re


Take care and look after one of your nestlings, until it turns to be a full grown secular bird beautiful as its entire world just like in legends of our plant

Crazy pirates

Welcome to the caribbean, where the mighty pirates reign and plunder the sailing by vessels.

Xperiment sb1

Move it around to dodge or absorb substances and balance its condition.this is a simple, but incredibly exciting game, and you just need to master it

Ali the penguin

Ali is the bravest and most courageous penguin in the world, that is why he was put in charge of a very important and dangerous mission. no matter.

Angry snake

Are you tired of the classic snake which can only eat apples? open for yourself a new snake generation: choose classic or shooting mode and do your best.

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