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Download free logic mobile games for any cell phones download top mobile logic games quickly and easily.

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Zoo town

Test your brains in different cages of your little zoo. combine animals to get the new types of evolution.

Ultimate movie quiz

Test your knowledge of movies together with the ultimate movie quiz. the game offers many questions from the movies of the past and present time.

Animals funitto

Play with these gorgeous animals in a wonderful puzzle game. if you like animals and you are sure of your logic skills than this game combines everything.

Wheres my nest

The best puzzle "where is my nest " help birds hoppy and orr to get to their nests which move in the opposite directions. it is hard for birds to get to their.

Brain cube reloaded

The game objective is to get the cube to the finish making the minimum amount of moves. you can move the cube only by rolling it through the cells.

Puzzle tracks

The game where the train has to reach the end station. your task is to connect roads for the train not to derail and to be at destination station on time.

brain gain

Brain gain is a logic game for brain stimulation and is aimed to release you from stress. brain gain follows your progress in each kind of activity.


Bixi is a brain twister game based on biniax game with zx spectrum and amiga. the aim is to remove the falling blocks from the map. each block has two colors.

Zombie quest

Download free mobile game zombie quest. download best java games for cellphones: zombie quest and many others. huge collection

Shinchan double trouble

The game shinchan double trouble has two game types to choose

Gumps chocolate puzzle

Perhaps after you play this brain twister you will start thinking about the deep meaning of the immortal phrase from forrest gump film life is a box of chocolat

Diamond rush

An uneasy adventure is in prospect for you: tibetan stalactites falling from above, thick angora forests, poisonous spiders of bavarian castle and other vicissi

Tango numbers

Get ready to take part in the wonderful game in which you will need to use your maths skills in order to fish.

Ziptrix battle game

Ziptrix battle is a new and funny version of the classic game of tetris. it has simple controls, incredibly smooth movement and greater complexity.

My zoo

Build your own zoo. improve all the structures cages, souvenir shops, places of entertainment.

Bublex alien pop

In bublex alien pop you will need to solve a chain of different situations and to demonstrate wit to put in line not less than three bubbles of the same colour.

Hungry worms

Cute worms are hungry again and don t know how to solve this problem. luckily, the season is at its height and there are lots of juicy fruits everywhere.

Doodle fit

This is a funny drawn logic game. the task of this game is not that easy as it seems at first sight. you need to make geometrical figures, letters, objects.

Spot with y girl

This is a new game which is the continuation of the dokuyi characters game series. you need to find distinctions between two alike pictures. you can compare.

Infinity jewel

There is a legend about four energy blocks which create huge power together. they are guarded by ancients. the earth is in danger, the sun declined.

Alien nation

Alien nation landed to our planet the pairs of aliens disappear as soon as you touch them. help to clear the territory from identical alien faces.

Ultimate christmas quiz

A quiz dedicated to the new year. dozens of questions about the personal life of santa claus and snow maiden are waiting for you, and all the events associated.

Ali the penguin

Ali is the bravest and most courageous penguin in the world, that is why he was put in charge of a very important and dangerous mission.

Ultimate christmas quiz

A quiz dedicated to the new year. dozens of questions about the personal life of santa claus and snow maiden are waiting for you, and all the events associated

Pimp empire 2

To download pimp empire for free, we recommend you to select your phone model, and then our system will choose the most suitable pimp empire files.

Puppy pairs

All in all cute puppies and fun game. train your memory and have fun playing in pairs. for more fun we have added three modes and really cute puppy, try to.

Iq booster logic

Train your mathematical skills with the help of mathematical, logic and fast thinking tasks. each game has four difficulty levels.

Animal planet trivia

This is a long expected game created together with the the most successful tv channel about animals.take part in different fascinating quizzes and check.

Cows and bulls

the 1st player will give the other player clues in the form of "cows " and "bulls ".

Bejeweled 3

A popular bejeweled from ea mobile returns take part in this logic game made in "three in line " genre and clear the field from the diamonds.

The price is right

This arcade is a mobile version of the popular game in usa "the prince is right ". in this game you will need to guess the price for the article you are shown.

Block 2 3d

The continuation of logical game block 3d new levels, bonuses, advanced levels. beautiful graphics, absorbing logic game.

Lunar ball

This is a logic game in which you need to operate the ball and to collect all stars and coins of the level in order to get to the next one.

Cute memo pairs

Play this new version of the classic game. it has three playing modes, simple rules and intuitive interface you are going to spend many hours playing.

Crime files 3 the mafias

In crime files 3: the mafia s war examine evidence and find the truth. why does the dockers gang terrorizes the entire city.

Electric city the revolt

Tom hanks introduces his first multi aspect animation electric city. the world you used to know ceased its existence.

Onimusha puzzle dark cast

Help a princess to get through the rooms of the castle, full of deadly traps. one false step and the death will come immediately. there is a key to the next.

Ncis 2

Ncis based on the tv series is a serial about a team of special agents of federal agency of u.s. navy. their task is to conduct investigations of crimes.

Comcraft 3d

This is a new 3d minecraft for your mobile device. the game was created by the pole boy who was 14 only.

The adventures of tintin

The adventures of tintin: the secret of the unicorn find ancient scrolls to get hidden treasures of pirates. visit secret ships and get all possible.

Undercover story

Help sam to save the girl. meet different and strange enemies, stay away from traps, examine airports, secret headquarters and many other things.

Tetris 2012

Download free mobile game tetris 2012

Top trumps 007 the bond

James bond is back in this game you will see all james bonds starting from dr. no and ending with quantum of solus. the game supports multiplayer for two playe

Edge extended

Downloading is very simple: select the desired file and click "download ", then select one of the ways you want to get the file.

Womens murder club death

This game was made on the basis of the famous book. you are going to solve a murder series in san francisco. you will gather evidence, make tests and prepare.

Where in the world is car

Carmen sandiego is the planet famous criminal. once she used to serve in a detective agency acme (a company that makes everything), but quit and founded.

Ghost mansion

This game has all the things for which we love quests a big house with rooms, riddles, multicolored keys, buttons and boxes, fights with bosses, pins.

Animals of mass destructi

Mass hysteria, chaos, madness and absolute destruction are about to absorb the planet. this must be stopped.

Frog burst

To download frog burst for free, we recommend you to select your phone model, and then our system will choose the most suitable frog burst files.

String em in xtra

Xtra is the best game in words play this super hit of the interactive tv in your mobile and become a word professional.

Csi miami episode 2

Whisper of the waves caressing the ears, blue sky, bright sun,salt air, tickling the nostrils and a cool breeze. this is a heavenly place. but even in such.

Urban legends episode 1

Urban legends episode 1 available in many size and free download from

Detective ridley

Join detective ridley maximilian and darcy, his niece, in search of the relics of the ancestors, namely, an ancient medallion, which gives eternal life

Urban legends episode 2

Urban legends episode 2 java game available in many size free download from


Bioshock is the hit, that came to mobile phones from computers. it is an alternative 1960. the game hero is jack. he survived a plane crash in atlantic.

Resident evil uprising

This city suffers from ruthless and bloodthirsty zombies with a disgusting mutation virus t. take control of claire reyflid and perform an operation.

House md

Doctor gregory house is not notable for emotion in dialogue with patients and with pleasure avoids them if there is a possibility. he spends all time.

Crime chronicle cursed

An amzing new java logic game free download in many size from

Brain challenge 4

Play, train your brain, become more clever, but do not forget yourself in playing, otherwise you will become too clever by half.

Jewel adventure

The king is looking for a hero which can prepare his army for a war against snow queen and terrible dragon by means of the unique brain twister.

Love sudoku

Continuation of the acclaimed rpg adventure, beautiful graphics, an intriguing storyline, multiple game endings.

Count the dokuyi

This game develops logic thinking, you can exercise in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Word cracker

A time based word game that challenges the players to make the maximum number of words from a given word within limited time frame to beat their opponent.

Raindom words

Test the power of the word in word hunt 3, another game of the series of word hunts. find and mark all the words, which are hidden among random letters.

Where is wally now

A traveler in a striped sweater continues travelling all over the world and different epochs in a new game from bingwap

Jewel explosion

The main features of the game: bright dynamic graphics, nice music, many bonuses and this is not all.

Zodiac jewels 2

The main aim is to take the missing parts of zodiac to the down part by means of grouping identical symbols. make groups of three symbols this will make them d

who wants to be a millio

This game offers more than 300 of new questions and russian interface. play alone or with your friends and become the millionaire the aim of this game.

valentines shuffle

In puzzle: valentines you will get valentines but to learn which valentine is waiting for you, you need to collect three and more same colored valentines untill

Ultimate math skills quiz

If you study maths, want to refresh your knowledge, help children or just enjoy mathematics quiz, then this application is for you. studying and tasks solving.

Mining maniac

Get ready to dig the most interesting and the most unusual things the game includes 4 logic arcades.

Alchemist stone

You will need to mix different materials and elements in your secret laboratory in order to get the alchemist stone.

Music quiz 2

Ultimate music quiz take part in a wonderful quiz and prove that you are real expert in music field will you see the difference between jay z and lady gaga.

3 in 1 sudoku deluxe

3 games at price of one 1: this collection offers three sudoku versions with beautiful graphics and many levels. this collection also offers many interesting.

Line of attack

Go into attack and take up the battle field position in this captivating strategy game.put three and more stones into a line ad earn points but don t forget.

Bubbles temple of phara

To open the mystery of the great pharaoh burial vault you need to be very smart and quick witted. sort out pyramid made of bubbles which are ready to burst.


Brickade is a puzzle based on the old good "lights out " game type. the aim is to switch off all the lights (blocks which are not black) in order to enter.

brickade 2

Brickade is a puzzle based on the old good "lights out " game type. the aim is to switch off all the lights (blocks which are not black) in order to enter.


Samesame is a variant of the puzzle game "same game ". it is played on a board populated with 4 types of blocks. the game objective is to clear the board.

Color invasion

Strategies of hot games. with these strategies, you will be excellent at the games soon. you can also share your experience in the bbs. we recommended color.


This is a cool and simple time killing game created in the distant 2005 the game can be played in absolutely all kinds of mobiles your task is to touch your.

Step up puzzle

Consider your moves and think up a correct strategy to inflame the dancing floor. you need to inflame every tile of the dancing floor and try not to put.

Bubble x slice

Put away all your matters and set off for a journey to the wonderful tropical island there, at the bottom of the sunny lagoon, the sea inhabitants started.

Platinum sudoku 2

Enjoy the endless solving of 2000000 puzzles. masters, get trained and improve gaming skills thanks to hints and 3 mini games. thanks to everyday graphics of ac

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